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Potential Buyer Information

Honesty and trust are important in every kind of relationship. That's why we believe in full disclosure when working with our customers and clients. Whether this is our one and only transaction or the 50th. So here are a few common questions that we receive and answers...

Where can I visit your car lot?

Many people see our website and envision a large classic car dealership in Glendale, AZ, which is understandable. In fact, Classic Autoworx is not a dealership at all. We are a vehicle brokerage with an office location. There are no vehicles on display at the location. Appointments can easily be made to view the vehicles in person.

What does vehicle brokerage mean?

It means that we do not own any of the vehicles that are displayed on our website. We have either consigned them to sell on behalf of the owners or have acquired a vehicle on behalf of a buyer. The vehicles all have clean/clear titles and much has been done on our behalf to substantiate the owners claims however we do not warrant any information to be 100% accurate including mileage.

Have you inspected the vehicle?

Every attempt to inspect each and every vehicle that we agree to sell is made, however, there are vehicles that are located outside of Arizona that we just cannot personally inspect. We do list the vehicle locations so buyers know where the vehicle is located. Please feel free to ask if the vehicle has been inspected and we always recommend that a buyer inspect the vehicle that they are interested in if possible. We will also make every attempt to work with your qualified, third party inspector if you have hired one. 

Is there a warranty?

There is no warranty associated with any vehicles that we sell unless a warranty is expressly offered in writing. Being that the sales are for classic / used cars, we do not offer warranties.

Can I fly in and drive the car home?

We have received this question many, many times over the years. The answer is, if you wanted to, we couldn't and wouldn't stop you. But common sense should prevail here, a road trip is not the time to get to know the classic car that you just purchased. We will gladly assist you with auto transport if need be. 

Do you offer In-House Financing?

We do not offer In-House Financing but we do work with companies such as JJ Best, Woodside Credit and Motorcars Financial to get our customers the financing they need to make the purchase. 

If you have any other questions that were not addressed here, please feel free to ask. Our goal is to make your buying or selling experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.