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Consignment Package

There are many reasons to use a specialized classic vehicle broker when deciding to sell your classic vehicle. The most compelling reasons that some people have chosen to use our valuable service are:

  • Market knowledge and ability - We are constantly doing market research and finding new contacts and markets that are looking for YOUR classic vehicle. Our methods for bringing your vehicle to market are cutting edge. Nobody else markets vehicles the way we do and our sales timeline and success rate is unmatched.

  •  Contacts - Our worldwide contacts are buyers who are always looking for nice clean, classic American vehicles to purchase. Some are collectors, some are dealers and others are just looking for the right vehicle for them.

  •  Ease of sale - Most people have had a bad experience buying or selling a vehicle and would just like someone else to market, negotiate, acquire funds and deal with transport of the vehicle. Some people are very busy and don't have time for all of that. We are a Licensed and Bonded vehicle brokerage. We have the experience to expedite the process quickly and safely for all parties. 

Here is how we're different...

   Your vehicle is valuable to you... possibly even a family member you are reluctantly parting with. We understand that and we want to bring your vehicle to market in the best possible way. We have put together the following marketing tools into one comprehensive Consignment Package for our clients.

  •      A comprehensive photo catalog. Outside, inside, in the trunk or bed. The engine compartment and underneath. We need these types of photos to market your vehicle in the best possible way. 

  •    A video commercial of your vehicle, hosted by YouTube.com that will potentially be seen by thousands of people! 
                    Our videos have been viewed over 530,000 times!

  •   Your vehicle will be featured on our website which receives over  5,000 unique views per month (You found us!).  Multiple pictures and the video commercial will also be featured so potential buyers get to see, hear and read about your vehicle in minutes. 

  • We use other web sites and forums to market your vehicle as well. We do our best to reach as many potential buyers as possible, to all parts of the globe. 

  •  Unlike dealers, we are a brokerage. We work a little bit different in that we do not take possession of your vehicle. Your vehicle stays safe with you where people will not be leaning on it, walking by it with belt buckles and jean buttons and there won't be any salesmen taking it to lunch. We come to you, take the pictures and videos and get to work on your behalf. 

Consignment Package Price...
The consignment package that we offer is unlike anything any other company that we know of is offering. 

You might think this is going to be expensive. Maybe more so than other dealers and brokers that offer to do consignments. NOT SO! We charge an industry standard 10% of the final sales price. Often times, we can add the 10% over your desired sales price and obtain it that way, so there is no out of pocket expense to you!

Additionally, there is no charge up front. That's right! It costs you nothing to have us go to work on your behalf! Compensation is paid on the back end, after funds have been received. 

If your vehicle is priced competitively, within the current market. We will get it sold.  All of the negotiating, funds acquisition, paperwork and shipping is handled and coordinated by us. This really is a no lose deal for our customers, which is why so many of them keep coming back to us again and again!
If you have additional questions, comments or would like to set up an appointment, please give us a call or fill out the contact request form below:
For questions and scheduling, please call...

 1 - (623) 322-8758 

or you may fill out the form below to have us contact you.

   Beginning September 1, 2014  Classic Autoworx will begin phasing out our Standard Vehicle Consignment Program.  

While the Consignment Program will continue to exist, the service is to become more exclusive and selective in the quality of the cars that we will represent and vehicles will be selected on a case by case basis. 

 Please contact us for more information.